Ambigrams, also called inversions, are designs in which you can see different words, or the same word in different ways, depending on how you look at them. I created all the ambigrams on these pages, except where credited otherwise.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday: Same upside-down.
Happy Holiday
Happy Holiday: Same upside-down.
up / dn
up / down: Same upside-down. This is simple, but I like it.

Four-Way Ambigrams

These ambigrams can be viewed in FOUR different ways! These are much more complicated than two-way ambigrams.

Earth / Air / Water / Fire

North / South / East / West

Other people have also tackled four-way ambigrams. Kevin Pease has created wonderful four-way ambigrams of Earth/Air/Water/Fire and Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn.

Name Ambigrams — Family and Friends

Here are some ambigrams of the names of my family and friends.

Ambigram Links

There are many ambigrams on the web. Just search for "ambigram". Here are a few links to get you started.
Keith Enevoldsen's Think Zone