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Posters and prints

Posters from that are available at WlonkShop:

  • Math Gems
  • Number Sets
  • Useful Numbers
  • Areas and Volumes
  • Physical Quantities
  • Symmetry
  • Ten Events
Printing quality

The CafePress printing quality and paper quality are very good. The posters look great. They have a resolution of 6000x4000.

Problems with the shop?

If you have any problems with your order please use the CafePress Customer Service links at the bottom of the CafePress Wlonk Shop page. CafePress does all the printing, mailing, and financial transactions. If the product is defective, CafePress should send you a good one or give you a refund. If you feel like it, you may also email me, the author/artist, at, just to let me know. I usually can't help you with your individual issue, but I'd like to be aware if a general problem arises that affects multiple customers.

Other shops

Posters and other products copied or derived from these works may be available from other shops. If I learn of any, I will add them to the Links page.

Print it yourself

You can also download and print the PDF file as a poster at your local print shop or on your school's or company's poster printer.