Solar System Scale Model Links

Imagine building an outdoor solar system scale model centered at different famous places around the world. Click the links below to go to the Solar System Scale Model Calculator with the location and scale set to see a map of the imaginary solar system model.

Country Location Scale Notes
USA United States Capitol sun = dome base diameter  
USA Hayden Planetarium sun = planetarium sphere diameter  
USA Las Vegas Sphere sun = sphere diameter  
USA Disney World's Epcot sun = Spaceship Earth sphere diameter  
USA Seattle Center International Fountain sun = fountain dome sphere diameter See Seattle Solar System (concept)
UK St. Paul's Cathedral sun = dome base diameter  
UK British Museum Reading Room sun = dome base diameter  
Sweden Avicii Arena 1:20,000,000
sun+corona = sphere diameter
See Sweden Solar System
France Arc de Triomphe sun = 100 m (~ plaza diameter) metric system was invented in France
Italy Pantheon sun = dome inner diameter  
Italy Colosseum sun = arena oval average diameter  
Italy The Doumo sun = dome base diameter  
Italy St. Peter's Basilica sun = dome inner diameter  
Turkey Hagia Sophia sun = dome diameter  
Israel Dome of the Rock sun = dome diameter  
India Taj Majal sun = dome inner diameter  

A list of existing large solar system models in various locations can be found on Wikipedia: Solar System Model.